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Const SL-L123DAT LED studio light

Const SL-L123DAT LED studio light

Kód produktu:CSTSLL123DAT

Const SL-L123DAT je štúdiové Bi-Color LED svetlo.
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Const SL-L123DAT je štúdiové Bi-Color LED svetlo.


1. Low power high brightness, 0-100% adjustable.

2. Color temperature stable, with color filter, can choose 5600k or 3200k.

3. Color Rendering Index high, help to ensure your pictures' perfect settings.

4. Suitable for long and near distance shooting (concentration LED lights, suitable for long distance shooting; with lambency piecethe, suitable for short distance shooting.

5. Adopts concentration LED lights, high quality with long service life, heat and flickering free, without any noise.

6. Ultrathin and super light design, adopt aluminum alloy frame, is more portable for carrying.

7. The installation is simple and convenient, suitable for a variety of places??¥s demand. Equipped with DMX control, operation become more convenient and directly.



Farebná teplota: 3200K - 5600K

Rozmery: 1240x260x84mm

Váha: 4,1kg

Výkon: 123W

Napájanie: AC 110/240V

Svetelnosť: Max 9000Lux/1m

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