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BirdDog Studio

BirdDog Studio

Kód produktu:BRDSTUDIO

BirdDog Studio umožní vaším kamerám zapojenie do LIVE reťazca založenom na IP. Keď konvertujete HDMI alebo SDI signál zo svojich kamier na IP, znásobíte možnosti svojej LIVE produkcie. Ľubovoľné zariadenie pripojené na vašu sieť sa stane pre vašu réžiu/switcher LIVE video vstupom.
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NDI made simple
Convert your baseband SDI or HDMI to NDI and take full advantage of flexible IP networks. No need to run long SDI cables or purchase expensive video routers, simply access your live video in real time anywhere on your network.

Dual Color Tally
We do Tally the right way. BirdDog Studio can display Tally onboard and externally via Tally out. Due to our superior NDI integration we can provide both Program and Preview tally indicators.

Simply set the display to be full screen Tally or split screen to show both program and preview.

Power from anywhere
We have your bases covered when it comes to power. BirdDog Studio can accept power input form the Ethernet cable via PoE technology. Don’t have a PoE network infrastructure? No worries, simply power via DC or V/Gold-mount battery plate optional accessories with power pass-through (coming soon).

Central fleet control
Control and configure multiple BirdDog Studio devices through our admin panel which is accessible via a web browser on both mobile devices and desktop.

Monitor loop-out/format converter
SDI and HDMI outputs are always live allowing you to convert from SDI to HDMI and vice versa. Connect a monitor to BirdDog Studio or simply use to loop out to other gear.

Software upgradeable
We’re working all the time and as additional features are made available we will release these at no cost. To make updates easy a simple site deployment wizard will ensure all BirdDog Studios in your facility are updated, and all running the same software version.


Video Inputs

Video Outputs

Suported Resolutions
1080p 29.97/25/59.94/50
1080i 59.94/50
720p 59.94/50

Video Protocol Support
NDI Realtime Encoding

Embedded via SDI/HDMI
Headset connector


802.3 PoE Compliant
2-pin 8-24v DC with D-Tap adapter

External Tally
3.5mm GPIO 2 position (Program/Preview)

5x35 LED Display
3 Selectable modes (Info, Tally, Multi-Tally)

Web Based
(Mobile and Desktop compatible)

Physical Dimensions
105mm (W) x 150mm (H) x 19.5mm (D)

Plná (Desktop) verzia