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Magicsoft Streamer

Magicsoft Streamer

Kód produktu:MGCSTRM

MagicSoft Streamer is an application for live IP streaming designed for distribution and contribution that fulfills the demands of professional IP broadcasting. The supported compression are MPEG2 and H264 and the IP output can be UDP, RTP or RTMP (for Web distribution by using Wowza, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitch etc).
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Magicsoft Streamer Streamer
Magicsoft Streamer
Názov produktu: Magicsoft Streamer
Kód produktu: MGCSTRM
Dostupnosť: do 4-7 prac. dní
Cena produktu: 295,00 € bez DPH
354,00 € s DPH

When streaming UDP or RTP, the streams can be captured with dedicated hardware:
- Tandberg TT1260
- Tandberg RX1290
- Ericsson RX8200
- Amino A140
We are also providing a receiver software that can decode and output to a Decklink or Intensity card.





MagicSoft Streamer supports up to 4 video inputs using Decklink, Intensity, AJA or Corvid cards and devices.
The input can be set either analog or digital depending on the capabilities of the card.

There is a "Professional" module that adds some features :





- stream recording that saves the stream as .ts file before send it to the designated IP
- YUV level legalizer (in order to ensure that the video level is kept into the appropriaterange)
- encryption support for video and audio (the decryption can be made only by using our software)
- possibility to set the sampling rate as 4:2:2
- possibility to work with a BlackMagic VideoHub device over the network for choosing the input


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