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Vibesta Capra12 Bi-Color kamerové LED svetlo

Vibesta Capra12 Bi-Color kamerové LED svetlo

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Vibesta Capra12 Bi-color LED kamerové svetlo so 144 led diódami (72 daylight a 72 tungsten LED diód), 6x AA akumulátor alebo Sony NP-F kompatibilným batériovým napájaním, variabilnou farebnou teplotou 3200-5600K a plynulou reguláciou výkonu 0-100% bez blikania. Svetlo má nastaviteľnú guľovú hlavu do štandardného "hot-shoe" a 1/4" závit. LED svetlo Vibesta Capra12 Bi-color obsah
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Vibesta Capra12 is a fully featured, on-camera light with 144 powerful LEDs

The unit comes in both a daylight and bi-color model.

Daylight units have 144 daylight LEDs, while bi-color units have 72 daylight LEDs and 72 tungsten LEDs.

This light can be dimmed from 0-100%, via a dimmer knob on the back of the light, without any noticeable shift in color quality.

Bi-color units have an additional knob which allows you to smoothly blend between the daylight and tungsten LEDs. The bi-color lights are perfect for interviews when you may need to warm or cool the light based on your talent's skin tone.

Both units come with a Diffusion Filter which softens the light. The daylight unit also comes with a Tungsten filter that calibrates the light's color temperature from 5600K to 3200K. All filters have magnets on them which makes it easy to swap out filters quickly and securely.

What makes the Capra 12 truly stand out from the competition are its wide range of power options. Whether in the studio or on-location, you will always have a way to power this unit. The Capra 12 can be powered by a Sony NP-F battery, (6) x AA Batteries, or through its 2.5mm DC Jack.

The unit has a 1/4""-20 tap-in on its underside. This allows you to mount the light on the included ball head for use on top of a camera. With a clamp and articulating arm, this unit can also be mounted in a variety of locations.

Lastly, on all sides of the unit, there are QuickSnap connection points that allow you to easily stack units together. This is a great feature if you need to create a larger light source. Simply stack them together until you reach your desired intensity / size.

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