FieldCast 2Core Multimode Ultra Light 200m Fibre Cable

2Core main cable MM UL (ultra light) 200 meters

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Popis produktu

2Core main cable MM UL (ultra light) 200 meters

Ultra Light cable is a strong, flexible cable with a diameter of only 4.8 mm., very useful in controlled environments like studios and film sets. Ultra Light cable is bringing you smaller drum sizes and less weight.

FieldCast 2Core main cable MM (multimode) Ultra Light

  • two cores of protected fiber
  • multimode 50/125 OM3
  • outer cable diameter 4.8 mm.
  • color coded (two blue rings for 2Core multimode)
  • cable length 200 meters in total
  • robust male cable connector on both sides
  • wound on Schill GT310 drum
  • product code c2200


Výrobca: FieldCast
Kategória: Optické káble hotové

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Typ káblaOptický
Typ konektoraFieldCast 2Core
Priemer kábla4,8mm

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